Trout Fishing in Alleghany County

John trout 3

photo by John Caveny

April brings warmer weather to the mountains.  More important to anglers, April brings hatchery raised trout to the numerous streams in Alleghany County.  Below is a list of upcoming trout stocking dates for the month.  The names of the stream include hyperlinks that provide maps to these waters.

Be mindful that most of the streams are on privately owned land.  Be a courteous angler.  Use gates and be sure to close them behind you.  Pick up any litter you find and leave the area cleaner than you found it.

The dates are subject to change depending on conditions at the hatchery.  Checkout NC Wildlife for updates or changes.  Click here for fishing licence information.

Location                        April Stocking

Big Glade Creek                      10

Big Pine Creek                         23

Bledsoe Creek                          17

Brush Creek                             10, 23

Little River                                5, 17

Little River                                5         (Delayed Harvest portion)

Meadow Fork                          18

Pine Swamp Creek

Piney Fork Creek                    18

Prather Creek                          18



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