Appalachian Images – The Alleghany Historical Museum

courtesy of Imagining Specialists

courtesy of Imaging Specialists

The Alleghany Historical-Genealogical Society will host an exhibit of vintage photographs of scenes from Alleghany County from September through December, 2015.  The exhibit will be displayed in the Alleghany Historical Museum located across from the courthouse at 7 North Main Street in Sparta.

courtesy of Imaging Specialists

courtesy of Imagining Specialists

This exhibit coincides with the Looking at Appalachia exhibition being held at the Blue Ridge Business Development Center from September 19 through October 31, 2015.

courtesy of Imaging Specialists

courtesy of Imagining Specialists

As we look at these images from the past and examine those from the present, we hope to generate conversation of what Alleghany County will look like in the future.


One thought on “Appalachian Images – The Alleghany Historical Museum

  1. Dale,

    The article about your appointment as a NCWF Senior Advisor was in the NCWF Journal Summer 2015 issue on page 11. The picture is super!

    How would you like to do an Absolutely Alleghany post on Brinegar Day planned for the cabin on Saturday, September 26? It will be the first time this event has been held in about four or five years. The Northern Highlands Chapter of FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway has been working for the last couple of years to get this event reinstated. This year it will happen! Plans are underway. Flyers are being prepared. Demostrations will take place: apple butter making, weaving, the garden produce, spinning, etc.

    Let me know if you are interested. Jackie Sloop, the Interpretative Ranger at the cabin, is one of the folks you might talk to.

    Thanks for considering this idea.



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