Charlie Scott and Alleghany Community Television

Although we tend to view life as a liner progression, the fact is for most of us there is a bit of wandering.  We spend time “here” then “there,” doing “this” then “that.”  Then for those who are fortunate, there comes a moment when we are struck by an epiphany of what becomes our meaning for life.  For Charlie Scott of Alleghany Community Television (ACTV) that purpose can be summed up by informing others of the great things that take place in Alleghany County.

charlie scott

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Charlie’s life cut a path through Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and then North Carolina managing golf courses.  That career brought him to Roaring Gap, NC in 2001 where he worked as superintendent of High Meadow’s golf course.  He and his wife Vickie settled into the community and attended Sparta Methodist Church.  Noticing a need to record the services for those who could not attend, Charlie began video recording the services.  After his retirement from High Meadows, Charlie spent time driving for G&B Energy and Alleghany in Motion.

During this same time period, Travis Sturgill, taught a class at Alleghany High School that included a student produced cable channel.  Charlie began working with Mr. Sturgill who taught Scott the basics of television production.  Charlie began video recording school events and local government functions.  The county received a $25,000 grant that allowed cameras to be installed in the county commission room and for the purchase of computer equipment that allows programming to be uploaded to the Internet.  ACTV on Demand allows viewers to watch sporting contests, and catch up on local government and other community events at their leisure.


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ACTV strives to report the interesting local news that occurs across the viewing area.  But, the connection to Alleghany High School remains a core element of ACTV’s mission.  Students assist with filming football and basketball games, and are involved in all steps of production.  During the school day, they make the short walk from the high school to the ACTV studio to film segments of the Trojan News.  The goal is to expose the students to all aspects of broadcast journalism.

charlie and student

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Behind this community outreach tool is a staff of one – Charlie Scott.  Charlie exhibits all the traits that define Alleghany County – service to others, community involvement, and a work ethic that gets things accomplished.  Though not a native to these hills, Charlie Scott is Absolutely Alleghany.

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